Occupational therapists and allied health managers,

it’s time to claim your seat at the table!

Now’s the time to take control of your career!

Now is the time to make the step up!

As an allied health leader, you have a front seat to make a real impact and change.

In fact, nothing makes me happier than allied health professionals who step into leadership roles. Allied health professionals are the cornerstones to success for the entire health care sector.

It’s a big job and I know you’re the right person for it!

And I don’t want a lack of confidence, lack of knowledge, or lack of guidance to hold you back. 

Through our work together, you’ll discover answers that help many people and unlock the personal job satisfaction you never thought possible.

Not everyone needs a Ph.D., but I did…

After a car accident, I was no longer able to get down on the floor and perform the clinical work I loved with children. Which led me to explore new roles beyond clinical work as an occupational therapist. 

Instead, I found myself leading the efforts to establish paediatric primary care OT service for the Midwest region, HSE public health. And in the process, I discovered a new calling to impact public policy from the perspective of a clinician.

I was drawn to this question – how do I get a seat at the table so that I can make a bigger positive impact?

In my case, I needed some heavyweight qualifications — which led me to my Ph.D. program in Public Health Research with a focus on Developmental Coordination Disorder. 

After completing the program (good grief that was hard), I have the letters after my name to open certain doors.  

After discovering my knack for translating abstract concepts into practical steps, I left academia to directly support leaders on the front lines of public and private health.

I started by providing occupational therapy practitioners with clinical supervision and quickly discovered –

My clients needed more than clinical knowledge.

Many were stuck because clinical work connects to everything else: 

  • You can’t purchase clinical resources until your private practice is profitable.
  • You can’t serve others when you’re burnt out, strapped for time, and feeling isolated.
  • You can’t run a practice or allied health organization without creating systems to implement policy.

Instead of just focusing on evidence-based clinical resources, I blended all my training to empower my clients in a whole new way.

With my guidance, clients created high-caliber programs that featured financial stability, smooth processes, and well-being for the whole team.

By word of mouth, I started adding allied health managers as clients. They faced similar problems as my OT clients, just with bigger budgets and more people to manage.

As a result, I’ve been a guiding resource behind the scenes for leaders and their teams in organisations including:

  • National Council for Special Education (NCSE)
  • Children’s Disability Services of Western Ireland
  • National Council for the Blind in Ireland.

My clients are refreshed, equipped, and stepping up as leaders that impact many lives. It’s the big impact I envisioned before getting my PhD.

Receive great supervision to BE a great supervisor.

As my gift to you, I’ve compiled my favourite keys to reflective practice. It will transform how you guide others to reflect on their decision-making.

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