Consultancy and Coaching for Businesses and Health Service Managers

Empowering Business and Health Service Managers to Bridge Vision with Action

As a Manager, navigating every situation on your own is impossible.

It’s easy to miss simple solutions, or your perspective gets in the way. And it gets harder to create better outcomes in the future.

You may also face the challenge of implementing complex policy and systems changes.

This is why so many leaders connect with an outside coach to lighten their load.

When Managers Succeed, The Whole Organisation Benefits

I believe that the entire organisation reaps the rewards when managers thrive.

I specialise in supporting C-level executives and senior managers across diverse sectors, including health, business, and law, in gaining fresh perspectives to tackle everyday challenges. Whether it’s implementing policies, optimising operations, or fostering cohesive teamwork, I’m here to guide you.

My coaching approach is centered on empowering managers through reflective thinking and a structured problem-solving process. I facilitate the generation of innovative ideas and practical solutions so that you can ensure the implementation of policies and systems. Together, we can pave the way for success within your organisation.

Connecting Vision to Practice

“Connecting your business’s overarching vision to daily operations can present challenges. However, I am here to facilitate this crucial link by providing comprehensive support and guidance:

  • Increasing clarity by naming problems
  • Clearly communicating new policies and procedures with staff and clients
  • Identifying what roles and responsibilities need to be assigned
  • Demystifying the impact of policy implementation

Instead of meetings filled with big terms like “governance,” we break down the actual steps to create the care pathways your organisation needs. 

Instead of meetings filled with big terms like “strategic planning” and “governance,” I can help you break down the steps to create the pathways and processes your organisation needs. 

My aim is to help you seamlessly integrate your business vision into daily practices, ensuring that the ‘why’ behind your work remains a driving force in every aspect of your operations.”

Not just about helping you implement policy…

Big changes become possible when you understand the problem and can break it down into steps.

When I’m working with you, my main role is to listen carefully to what you are describing. By synthesising your words, I help you clarify your challenges and their impact.

We don’t stop at simply naming the problem. We develop practical solutions that benefit your whole team.

Everyday solutions I help managers uncover:

  • Identifying team goals
  • Enhancing staff communication and well-being
  • Developing a plan that’s easy to follow
  • Setting up processes and systems to make life easier
  • Creating systems for accountability
  • Improving financial health through pay savings and eliminating time waste

And clients tell me, one of the best parts is the relief they feel in getting an outside perspective. This makes sense, you need an outlet that allows you to share freely without impacting your relationships with peers.

Words from Others

“I would highly recommend Radiance Consulting for Coaching. Áine helped me analyse issues concerning me, giving them a granular, specific nature rather than a vague, unstructured, worrying mass of emotions and anxieties. She encouraged me to focus on a small number of do-able actions on each issue weekly, giving me a sense of agency over the problems and ensuring that I made progress instead of remaining stuck. The sessions gave me a clearer sense of what I had to do in a challenging work situation, and over the weeks of the coaching, I made real progress in resolving the most difficult aspects.”
Pete Wedderburn BVM&S CertVR MRCVS

How to Work With Radiance Consulting

The first step is to contact me directly, via email or the contact form below. From there, we will set up a no-obligation call to clearly identify your goals and map out a path going forward with a customised consultancy package.