Online Courses to Put Knowledge in the Hands of Teachers, Parents and Professionals

Themes explored in my workshops and courses:

  • Self-regulation
  • Executive functioning
  • Assessment and intervention for developmental coordination disorders (DCD)


Best Practice Assessment for Children and young people with DCD
Best practice assessment for children & young people with Developmental Coordination Disorder/Dyspraxia (Online – Self-Paced)

23 Lessons – €150

EPV Approved Summer Course
Self-Regulation & the Disorganised Primary School (Dept of Ed Approved – 3 EPV days)

42 Lessons – €55

Online Occupational Therapy Journal Club
Online Occupational Therapy Journal Club (Morning and Evening Groups) (live and recorded)

44 Lessons – €100,00
The Essentials of Self-Regulation for Children: A Toolkit

The Essentials of Self-Regulation for Children: A toolkit for parents & professionals
36 Lessons – €55,00

supervision training programs
Supervision – Training programmes (Face-to-Face) Customised for health professionals
How to set up in Occupational Therapy private practice
How to set up in Occupational Therapy Private Practice

1 Lesson – €150,00

This workshop will provide essential information on how to set up as an occupational therapist in private practice (full-time/part-time or a few extra hours), including

  • how to price your services
  • policies and procedures required in occupational therapy private practice
  • supports to sustain your well-being and prevent burnout
  • strategies to work in an evidence-informed manner and comply with CORU standards 
  • how to set up a website and engage with social media effectively
  • managing your taxes and expenses
  • Hear national and international OTs talk about their business experiences of working in areas such as; environment adaptation, mental health, children and young people, telehealth, & knowledge translation.

Journal Club

Your heart knows research needs to guide your daily work but it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. The honest truth is – it is hard to find to shift through the mountains of available research to find the practical answers for your clinical practice. 

Join our community of OTs who make the path to evidence-based practice easy and inspiring. Fulfil your continuing education requirements as part of our dynamic community.

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On-Demand EPV Approved Courses for Teachers

As a teacher, you’ve already got enough on your plate. Don’t waste time with continuing education that’s not meaningful for your work.

My goal is to make your daily life in the classroom better. My courses unlock strategies to meet the needs of the kids in your classroom who have coordination, sensory, or learning challenges.

You’ll better understand your students and know how to respond to their unique needs.

The EPV Approved Summer Courses for Teachers

Self-Regulation & the Disorganised Primary School (Dept of Ed Approved – 3 EPV days)

On-Demand Courses for Parents

You’re the most important person for the success of your child.

Remove all the unknowns around their behavior or challenges and better understand how your child experiences the world.

My goal is to empower parents by breaking down the unseen factors such as brain differences and sensory experiences that contribute to everyday struggles. Then, I provide ideas for practical strategies to improve daily life. There are simple changes you may not think of on your own that can make a big difference.

Current courses for Parents

Supporting Children and Teens to Find Calm, Organise, and Get Things Done (self-regulation)

Courses for OTs

True to our mission of connecting research and policy to everyday practice, our courses for occupational therapists are packed with the knowledge you need to provide high-quality OT services. Covering topics such as dyspraxia/DCD best practice assessments, reflective practice for the OT supervisor, self-regulation, and executive functioning.

A certificate for professional development education purposes is provided upon course completion.

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