Empowering Occupational Therapy Practitioners in Private Practice and Public Health

Do you feel isolated and stuck in a rut as an OT?  With my support, you’ll make the move to a strategic, organised, and confident practitioner.

Solving Dynamic Challenges with a Human Touch

Brilliant OT, Leader, Visionary – you’re not meant to figure it all out on your own. In reality, despite everything you’ve accomplished, you’re a human trying to solve complex problems.

Whether you work on your own or lead a team, external supervision is critical to expand your thinking and provide essential professional encouragement.

A colleague’s expert perspective allows you to:

  • Cultivate advanced skills and avoid stagnation due to lack of time or inspiration
  • Untangle complex problems related to systems, policies, and workflows
  • Normalise the impact of daily stressors and address factors related to burnout
  • Gain refreshing perspective, ideas, and research to enhance your impact as an OT

You’ll experience a comprehensive approach incorporating clinical knowledge, business & management consultancy, and practitioner well-being.

Clinical Support

No matter how many years you’ve been in practice, you’re going to have clinical questions. And as you progress professionally, you face even more complex challenges.

That’s where clinical supervision comes into place. I support clinicians across specialties and experience levels to access the knowledge you need to provide high-impact occupational therapy services.

This includes:

  • Knowing the evidence and putting it into action
  • Understanding laws, policy, and regulations (such as CORU)
  • Case review and problem-solving

Business & Management

As you grow in your career, you find yourself facing challenges beyond just the clinical skills of working with your clients. In fact, much of the stress that impacts your daily life is likely tied back to your uncertainty around the practical hurdles of your job.

We’ll work together to identify and streamline the systems, processes, and skills you need to lead your team and your practice with confidence.

Practitioner Well-Being

Whether you work in the private sector or public health, complex challenges quickly lead to feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and dissatisfied with your job. Especially when you’re tackling everything on your own.

That’s why my supervision program leaves space for you to process your responses to different situations, brainstorm solutions, and get needed outside perspective and encouragement.

From a Past Client…

“Áine is grounded in clinical experience and she really ‘gets’ what it is like to work in this line of work. Surprisingly, I have found our sessions are most helpful when I can use the time to offload a bit. This was not something I could articulate in the past, but I have found new confidence in prioritising the time spent on processing and reflecting as a need.
I have worked through many things this year including managing complaints and conflict, dealing with stress, realigning my work-life balance, and advancing my career. I feel that I am ending the year in a better place. I credit a lot of this to the guided reflection and learning I have gained during supervision.”
Senior Occupational Therapist
Children’s Disability Services, Ireland

Choose The Level of Support that Meets Your Needs

Helping leaders grow their skills. We’ll identify your priorities in terms of clinical knowledge, practice management, and personal well-being. Due to the in-depth nature of 1:1 clinical supervision, each consulting agreement is customised to your needs with a limited number of spaces available.

Get the benefits of problem-solving and support without the cost and lengthy waiting list of 1:1 supervision.

Join a group of private practice OTs who lift each other up to achieve stronger clinical and practice management skills. You’ll leave with ideas and inspiration to progress as a professional.

Fulfill your continuing education requirements as part of our dynamic community.

Your heart knows research needs to guide your daily work but it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. The truth is – it takes time to sift through all the available research for the key pieces of evidence for your clinical practice.

Join our community of OTs who make the path to evidence-based practice easy and inspiring. 

A low-cost, highly engaging way to get continuing education that transforms your practice.

True to our mission of connecting research and policy to everyday practice, our courses for occupational therapists are packed with the information you’ll use right away.

A certificate is provided for professional development education purposes upon course completion.

Understanding the Challenges of Private Practice or Public Health

We tailor your clinical supervision to your needs whether you’re working in private practice or public health. We understand that different practice areas mean slightly different challenges.

Private Practice

Feel less alone as you navigate clinical and operational aspects of private practice:

  • Creating opportunities to learn from other OTs
  • Accessing up-to-date information
  • Marketing strategies
  • Managing a budget for healthy business revenue
  • Setting up systems
  • Interpreting and implementing policies
  • Support and reassurance

Public Health

Together we’ll strive to provide outstanding occupational therapy services despite less than ideal situations

  • Address challenges related to limited resources and long waiting lists
  • Diversify your clinical knowledge
  • Improve problem-solving by exploring new perspectives
  • Create a plan to optimise outcomes while avoiding burnout
  • Improve job satisfaction
  • Retain uniquely skilled OT practitioners
  • Empower senior OT staff members as effective leaders

In some cases, I’m contracted by the HSE to provide specialised supervision for you as an OT practitioner working within the agency. 

What OTs Like You are Saying…

“Áine provides an effortless framework for debriefing so the discussion feels productive and positive. This is exactly what I need at times of stress, when I cannot see the wood from the trees! Supervision enables me to reflect process and structure my headspace, which makes me a better practitioner. I leave supervision feeling as if I have had a breath of fresh air.
Supervision with Áine is evidence-based and, most importantly, it feels like a valuable investment of my time when there are so many priorities competing for my attention. It is a regular check-in with myself, a chance to step back, regroup, simplify and focus.”
Áine’s respectful and non-threatening manner ensures that she draws on the expertise of her supervisee, guiding them through clinical discussion and collaborative questioning to provide a very solution-focused approach to issues.”
Senior Occupational Therapist
Early Intervention Team, Limerick, Ireland

Combining Clinical Knowledge + Management Logistics + Personal Well-being for More Successful, More Inspired Occupational Therapy Leaders