Empowering Health Professionals

Do you feel isolated and overwhelmed by the volume of clinical decisions and workload?

With my support, you’ll make the move to a strategic, organised, and confident practitioner.

Solving Dynamic Challenges with a Human Touch

I offer Supervision services to health service leaders and practitioners supporting them to:

  • Gain a fresh perspective, ideas, and research to support the intense and rapid changes associated health service delivery
  • Untangle complex problems related to systems, policies, and workflow
  • Normalise the impact of daily stressors and address factors related to burnout
  • Cultivate advanced skills and avoid stagnation due to lack of time or inspiration
  • Enhance communication and manage difficult conversations

Whether you work on your own or lead a team, external supervision is critical to expand your thinking and provide essential professional development and support

You’ll experience a comprehensive approach incorporating clinical knowledgebusiness & management consultancy, and practitioner well-being. This approach mirrors the core functions of supervision.

Clinical Support

No matter how many years you’ve been in practice, you’re going to have clinical questions. I will support you to reflect upon and develop your professional reasoning to untangle complex situations.

I support health professionals across specialties and experience levels to access the knowledge you need to provide high-impact therapy services.

This includes:

  • Knowing the evidence and putting it into action
  • Understanding laws, policy, and regulations (such as CORU)
  • Case review and problem-solving

Business & Management

As you grow in your career, you find yourself facing challenges beyond just the clinical skills of working with your clients.

We’ll work together to identify and streamline the systems, processes, and skills you need to lead your team and your practice confidently. I will support you to value your services.

Practitioner Well-Being

Whether you work in the private sector or public health, complex challenges quickly lead to feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and dissatisfied with your job.

Health professionals often deal with high-stress situations, work long hours, and experience intense emotional demands.

My supervision approach allows you to reflect on how work may impact your emotional well-being, process your responses to different situations, gain new insights into strategies that may support you, and receive an outsider’s perspective and encouragement.

Supervision Training for Health Professionals

Áine designs supervision courses tailored to the health professional’s needs so that you can gain the confidence to deliver exceptional supervision that elevates outcomes for supervisees, organisations, and clients. 

This supervision training is designed to be pragmatic and practical, allowing you to apply newly acquired skills through simulated supervision sessions. By seamlessly integrating theory and research, we ensure that your supervisory practice is evidence-informed and highly effective.

Áine is an experienced supervisor who holds a postgraduate certificate in Clinical Supervision. In addition she has co-authored several chapters in the recently published book “Supervision for Occupational Therapy: Practical Guidance for Supervisors and Supervisees”. Dancza, K., Volkert, A., & Tempest, S. (Eds.) (2023).

Please get in touch with Áine if you have any questions about organising a supervision course.

Email aine@radianceconsultinghub.com

From a Past Client…

“Áine is grounded in clinical experience and she really ‘gets’ what it is like to work in this line of work. Surprisingly, I have found our sessions are most helpful when I can use the time to offload a bit. This was not something I could articulate in the past, but I have found new confidence in prioritising the time spent on processing and reflecting as a need.
I have worked through many things this year including managing complaints and conflict, dealing with stress, realigning my work-life balance, and advancing my career. I feel that I am ending the year in a better place. I credit a lot of this to the guided reflection and learning I have gained during supervision.”
Senior Occupational Therapist
Children’s Disability Services, Ireland

What OTs Like You are Saying…

“Áine provides an effortless framework for debriefing so the discussion feels productive and positive. This is exactly what I need at times of stress, when I cannot see the wood from the trees! Supervision enables me to reflect process and structure my headspace, which makes me a better practitioner. I leave supervision feeling as if I have had a breath of fresh air.
Supervision with Áine is evidence-based and, most importantly, it feels like a valuable investment of my time when there are so many priorities competing for my attention. It is a regular check-in with myself, a chance to step back, regroup, simplify and focus.”
Áine’s respectful and non-threatening manner ensures that she draws on the expertise of her supervisee, guiding them through clinical discussion and collaborative questioning to provide a very solution-focused approach to issues.”
Senior Occupational Therapist
Early Intervention Team, Limerick, Ireland