Get Better Outcomes.

Feel Deep Satisfaction in Your Work.

Radiance Consulting blends clinical expertise and reflective problem solving to help occupational therapy practitioners and allied health leaders solve complex challenges.

Take a minute to honour the vast responsibility you carry.

  • Knowing and implementing the latest clinical research.
  • Translating big policies into everyday systems.
  • Managing a team and maximising their potential.
  • Ensuring your organisation is effective and profitable.

That’s a lot of complex challenges to handle by yourself.

It’s no wonder so many healthcare leaders feel like their work is heavy and lonely.

As an OT and independent supervisor, I’m here to lighten your mental and emotional load.

My comprehensive approach includes:

  • Supervision & Consulting — Reflect and problem solve on operations, leadership, and policy implementation.
  • Emotional Support — Insights so you feel renewed and empowered to provide ongoing excellence within the demands of healthcare.
  • Clinical Support —  Evidence-informed perspective to support advanced practitioners with up-to-date research and clinical problem-solving.
  • Coaching — Helping you overcome the particular challenges your business or practice faces while enhancing your strengths to become an effective leader and manager.

It’s a powerful, four-ingredient recipe that transforms the daily experience for you and for everyone you serve.

Find the Program for You!

Meet Áine

Am I a consultant? A coach? A researcher?

The answer is… I’m all three!

And for good reason. If you work in healthcare, you understand how quickly issues become complex. It does no good to try to solve problems with simple, one-sided thinking.

My training as an occupational therapist, PhD researcher, and clinical supervisor uniquely qualifies me to untangle the complex web of clinical, policy, and human challenges you’re facing as a healthcare leader.

I celebrate the expertise I’m able to offer as an occupational therapist and healthcare leader. And I want you to feel supported and empowered to do the same.

Here’s what others are saying about supervision…

“As my clinical supervisor, Áine has provided me with excellent guidance and support in relation to my complex clinical caseload.  Áine has supported me to develop my skills as a senior OT and has provided me with expert guidance in relation to service development projects and staff supervision. Áine has brought a superb balance of challenge and support to my supervision sessions and I have greatly valued her input.”
Senior Occupational Therapist

Get the gift of supervision, give the gift of supervision

When you’ve had a great supervision experience, it adds clarity and lightness to your daily decision-making. And inevitably, you’ll want to share that same experience with others.

Truth is, you need to both give and receive clinical supervision. That’s how we all grow professionally.  Immediately elevate your ability as a clinical supervisor by incorporating reflective practice into how you engage in clinical conversations.

Get your Clinical Supervision and Reflective Practice Toolkit and forever change how you supervise others!

Reflective Practice Toolkit