What I do

Business & Executive Coaching

Based on the principles of neuroleadership, a branch of neuroscience that applies its findings to the field of leadership, I have used my scientific expertise to develop the RADIANT LEADERSHIP Coaching Method.

Leadership requires the exercise of influence or power. It requires having an impact on others and making things happen.

To do that, you don’t just need to be a good communicator, you need to know how to communicate strategically – and deploy a host of other so-called “soft skills” to boot!

My brain-backed leadership coaching technique helps yousharpen your soft-skillsso you can achieve greater influence, superior goal setting, and the leadership reputation you deserve.

Workplace Wellbeing events

I deliver Webinars and Workshops that empower your staff to overcome obstacles related to what clinicians refer to as Executive Functioning – most often manifested in less-than-optimal Communication, Time Management or Organisational skills, or what I like to call Smart but Scattered“.

Topics link my expert knowledge of neuroscience with themes of Work-Life Balance, Diversity and Inclusion, for example:

  • Creating Physical, Digital & Cultural Environments that Support Diversity & Inclusion
  • Habits for Wellness On and Off the Job: Master the Balancing Act
  • Understanding your Sensory Preferences at Home and at Work
  • NeuroLeadership: Elevating Corporate Performance through the Brain’s C-Suite
  • Mastering the Art of Listening: Enhance Your Customer Communication

Supervision & Coaching for Allied Health Professionals

Coming from an Occupational Therapy background, I know how hard it can be to strike a good Work-Life Balance between caseload and family life. All too often, Allied Health Professionals fall victim to burnout and general mental ill-health.

That’s why Radiance offers Allied Health Professionals vital Coaching that will help you to:

  • Gain a renewed sense of personal wellbeing, with practical strategies to enhance self-care and resilience
  • Reflect on your professional journey, identifying and celebrating your strengths and achievements as a therapy entrepreneur
  • Reignite your passion for the therapeutic work, reconnecting with the core values that drive your commitment to helping others
  • Acquire actionable insights and business strategies to optimise and strengthen the foundation of your therapy practice
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As an Occupational Therapist, I have been enhancing wellbeing for clients and service users for over 20 years. When a serious car accident took away my ability to get down on the floor with kids and do the paediatric OT work that I loved so much, I decided to take the academic route to further my career, beginning with my Masters in Clinical Therapies from the University of Limerick and then a Doctorate in Population Health Research from the prestigious SPHeRE program (funded by the Health Research Board).

This led me to rediscover my love of learning and knowledge-sharing, and I took on further education to develop my highly transferable clinical skills with a Diploma in Business & Executive Coaching from UCD Smurfit Business School and a postgrad certificate in Clinical Supervision with the University of Derby, giving me an expert skillset that I use to deliver tangible value for my corporate and allied health clients.


Here’s what others are saying about my coaching, workplace wellbeing services and clinical supervision services …

“I would highly recommend Radiance Consulting for Coaching. Áine helped me analyse issues concerning me, giving them a granular, specific nature rather than a vague, unstructured, worrying mass of emotions and anxieties. She encouraged me to focus on a small number of do-able actions on each issue weekly, giving me a sense of agency over the problems and ensuring that I made progress instead of remaining stuck. The sessions gave me a clearer sense of what I had to do in a challenging work situation, and over the weeks of the coaching, I made real progress in resolving the most difficult aspects.
Pete Wedderburn BVM&S CertVR MRCVS
“I cannot recommend Dr. Áine O’Dea at Radiance Consulting enough. I have been availing of Áine’s supervision services for nearly two years. Her knowledge is second to none in areas such as – but not limited to – occupational therapy, coaching, and business. I am so grateful for her knowledge, skill set, and support.”
Padraig Danaher
The OT Coach
“The most useful part of coaching with Aine was having a very honest and truthful mirror held up to our business to allow us to see ‘for ourselves’ what areas of the business needed to be worked on. Having Aine as a business & executive coach has – and continues to – benefit us in a very real way, by helping us to improve our work/life balance by giving us the tools to understand our business better and to help our business ‘work for us’. This in turn helps everybody who works in the business to improve their ability to work in a more relaxed, focused and controlled way.
Grattan Butler, Partner
“When I first started working with Áine, I thought I needed to work on goals and strategies for my business and my voluntary role, but it quickly became clear I needed to make changes to my work-life balance and required clarity around what I really wanted there. She helped me structure my thought processes to bring that clarity to enable me to recognise what is truly important to me. That, in turn, led us to work on what I needed to put in place to achieve that. I especially valued her way of using gentle but persistent guided questioning to get me to a point of finding the answers within.”
Niamh Healy
Antenatal Ireland
“I cannot overstate the transformative impact that my experience with Aine at Radiance Consulting has had on both my personal and professional life.
Through insightful questioning and expert guidance, she provided me with the space and tools necessary to truly reflect on my business goals and challenges.
Moreover, our discussions shed light on the crucial role of soft skills in driving productivity and fostering a positive work environment.
I came to understand that technical expertise alone is not sufficient; effective communication, emotional intelligence, and adaptability are equally essential qualities in a successful leader.
Martin Golden BBS FCA Dip Ins. Snap Limerick
“Aine thrives at tackling complex topics with a mixture of candor & curiosity.

She revels in unpicking your own thoughts to uncover root values and identify paths forward.

All with a healthy sprinkle of good nature & humour.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Áine to anyone who is looking for a rewarding and highly differentiated coaching experience.”
Mark Prout, Associate Director